Hello March!

March is my birthday month! The 7-day countdown to March 12th is on! Every year I kick off my birthday celebration with a Bday Style Guide that sets the mode for the month. Each guide is my daydream of how I visualize my birthday. My head is quite colorful and full of drama so each year's guide is sorta over the top.

Check out this year's stye guide photos which are full of rich with color, humor, yummy things and fun! Happy Birthday to my fellow Pisces! Enjoy the guide. Love, hugs and smooches!

London Recap 2: I Love London

Welcome back for another recap of my recent London trip. This was a inspiration trip so I have lots of photos that capture every moment. But first I want to share how amazing this trip was for me.

My first London Recap post gave you insight of the wonderful world of Blogatcular. This awesome experience started with a photo tour, a West Elm party and a Creative conference. This was the best start to my vacay.

Soon after the conference, I was able to hang out with my girl Kat to seat some good food and plan out the rest of my London sightseeing. The goal was to start at the Tate, walk the Southbank, loop through Westminster, shoot over to Oxford Circus and end at Shoreditch. This plan was solid, bold but I was up for the challenge. 


This was truly the trip of a lifetime for me. Time to start making plans for more trips on my list. I will be back London! 

London Recap: Blogtacular

My first trip to London was amazing! I had so much fun that i am posting 2 recaps! Say whaaat! Yes I have lots to share which needs 2 different posts to capture the magic.

My day started as soon as my plane landed. I took a train to Victoria Station to meet up for my Blogtacular Photowalk in Grosvenor Gardens. I was so excited! Of course it took me no time check my bags find my colorful tribe waiting in in the park.

This location was beautiful! Our walk was lead by Kristabel a London fashion and lifestyle blogger. She was fabulous! The ladies on my tour were great and we had a blast on our photowalk.

Later that night we there was a kick off party hosted by West Elm. We had yummy food and tasty drinks with plenty our selfies and blog talk huddles.

The big day, Saturday did not disappoint. Welcome to Blogtacular! A day filled with awesome energy, vibrant colors and great people. The experience was epic! Take a look.

Blogtacular was so much fun! Trust me when I say that I took a ton of photos! I mean a sh*t ton of photos. I had to edit just do this post.I met some kick ass ladies and dudes. I was totally inspired and wanted to do it all over again.