Build A Fort

The crisp cool weather is here my friends! I can't stand being cold so I grab my soft socks, flannel PJs, a scarf, and of course a warm beverage to keep me warm and toasty. But to make things fun, I teamed up with the creative folks from Wayfair to create a cool way to entertain during these chilly fall and winter months. Let's build a Fort City!

Forts are great! Everyone wants one and everyone adult wish they lived in one all the time! (Oh, well maybe that's just me.) During the weekends, I think chilling out in a Adult fort could be relaxing.

Stock up on snacks, board games, drinks, a new book and refresh your Netflix! The thing that's most important here is to relax and kick back.

Don't forget to make room for a friend! A Fort is not as fun unless you have someone to share it with. Pets count as snuggle buddies. They tend to keep things warm when you need to leave your fort short a time. 

I totally love my Fort! I made my it using my two slippers chairs, euro pillows, throw pillows and various fabrics. I added some string lights, a DIY lamp I handmade, my favorite letter D mug and some faux grass.  (I keep killing my house plants) To make things even more cozy, I have my super soft Lush throw tucked in to complete the look.

It's been a blast working on this fort. I have actually considered keeping it up for the winter. This season consider making a fort for a special weekend. Pick up a new throw, gather some pillows and start building your masterpiece!