take a splash

It's time to embrace sunny days of springtime.  My spring book list is off to a great start! My friend, Lisa Congdon is launching a new book "The Joy of Swimming" April 17th! This book is a must read your spring!

"The Joy of Swimming" is full of Lisa's love for all things swimming and her wonderful childhood memories about the culture. Of course this book has colorful illustrations drawn and painted by Lisa. This book is nice because Lisa gives us more than just memories, there are facts about famous swimmers to swimming rituals from different countries. As I read through "The Joy of Swimming", it took me back to the special memories of my own childhood and my love for swimming. 

As a kid, I was fortunate to have the neighborhood pool right across the street from me. My family took a trip to the state park every summer for memorial day. As I read through "The Joy of Swimming", seeing the fun illustrations of swim caps throughout the book really took me to a happy place. I love swimming caps just as much as swimming itself.

When I was growing up, latex floral caps were the thing! They smelled awful but they were so pretty. I was a big fan of the straps (call me crazy). These swim caps above were just like the ones I remembered from my childhood.

I grew up in the hood and we didn't have much money. To my delight, my mom bought me a new swim cap each year for memorial weekend! I knew I wasn't getting another one until next year so I took great care it. As a young child creative like me, it was great to see all of the colorful swim caps at beach that weekend. 

Inspiration is all around you. I want to thank Lisa for sharing her book "The Joy of Swimming" with me. It's great seeing my creative friends express themselves in books. 


Disclaimer: This product was sent to me as "paid in kind" gift. My opinions are my own. I have not and will not receive any monetary compensation for presenting the product on my blog.