Dinner and a Movie

We all love to stay home and watch movies, right! I love to take time to find some of my favorite snacks and munchies, cozy up on the sofa and binge watch movies. Wayfair has asked me a couple of bloggers to put together our very own Dinner and Movie idea board! I'm loving this challenge. This was so much fun!

My ideal Dinner and a Movie is all about binge watching Wes Anderson movies on a Saturday afternoon. I would start with getting my space comfy with some floor pillows and bring out some fun bowls for snacking. Popcorn is a must. I never watch movies without popcorn. I make it on the stove, add butter and salt. 

My movie binge starts with The Royal Tenenbaums then moves straight to the Grand Budapest Hotel. I love to snack, so I imagine having some cheese fondue with handmade pretzels. I would add some veggies to the make my dinner complete. To wash it all down, Red Sangria is totally on the menu. Sangria adds just enough sweet to my Saturday meal. 

Dinner and a Movie is all what you make it. Start planning yours today. Create a theme, set up your space, grab your favorite snacks and don't forget the perfect beverage!