Crafty Me

As you all know, I have spent the last month and a half preparing for Crafty Chicks. Thanks to all who showed up and stopped by, I had a great day! By the end of the day I was sleepy, hungry and tired but overall happy. I finally put some photos together to show off my table and handmade goodies.

My handmade bags hanging on a rack. I'm not sure if hanging the bags was a great idea but everyone loved the them. Everyone needs a tote, right?!

I made fabric covered buttons and grouped them by color. I arranged the buttons on a rolodex punched card. I thought it was clever. I really need to find a cool old rolodex holder to get the full effect.

These cute little fabric flower rings were a hit. I always try to make something sweet and inexpensive for little girls. I sold these rings for $5 each. I'm happy everyone liked them.

My best buddy, Jeanne BKA Dirty Laundry, had some new items this year too. Of course she had fabulous aprons in all sorts of yummy colors but in addition to that, she made bath fizzys and headbands. I sported a custom made band and I love it! Those bath fizzys were a big hit. Yay, Dirty laundry!

Some of my work friends had tables at Crafty Chicks this year also. As I wondered around to see what I wanted to buy for myself, I introduced a new friend to the group, my little green pal, Fred. Fred made his way around to several tables to check on things. Thanks Emily, Katie, Megan, and Danielle for tolerating the Fred photo shoots.

In case you are wondering where Fred came from, here it goes. I met Fred at the Renegade craft show in Chicago this year. He is a funny little dude that just seems to make me laugh. Crafty chicks is his first adventure around Kansas City so stay tuned for more adventures with Fred.