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Moo cards are so cool. Gotta show some cool cards I spotted on flickr. I have been ordering the mini moo cards for about a year now and I love them. For those who do not know what Moo is, where have you been? is a super fun custom card company that prints postcards, business cards & stickers that you design. They also have pre made designs that are really fun as well. But it is so much more than that. What makes Moo different than other print companies is they let you use photos from your etsy, flickr, facebook or bebo accounts. That's cool, right?! The quality of their product is top notch too. The cards are in full color and double sided.
I must admit, I have a Moo crush, its time you all know it. You gotta check out their site, blog and flickr group. You won't be sorry. Oh Moo, I love you so.

XOXO Sodopop