2009 A creative year

2009 a creative year, originally uploaded by db 1920.

This year was a creative one. It started slow due to having surgery at the end of 2008. I spent the first couple of months recovering so I had plenty of time to think. I am so proud of things I've done this year and I am so grateful for the all of the opportunities to show how passionate I am about design.

Here's a list of some of the great projects from 2009:
Ric Rack roundup Summer and Holiday
She's Crafty- My own craft/ handmade exhibit at Hallmark Cards
Trends group- Trensplant member
RVA craft weekend

There many more projects that I worked on so check out my flickr pics to see for yourself. I plan to keep the creative juices flowing next year. 2009 has really open my eyes to the possibilities of my talent and I have many things planned for 2010. Thanks to all of you Sodapop fans out there.