My creative life

This past week has been amazing! I had a full creative week and weekend. I took a sewing class on Thursday night and I had to catch up in my Indie biz class online. (more to come about my online class in a later post) I managed to finish my lovely skirt on Friday night from my Belle skirt sewing class @ Bon Bon and I think it looks cool. It was really nice getting to sew around other people for a change. The skirt pattern was fairly simple so it gave me a chance to ask questions and chat a bit. I will be wearing my new skirt this week if it's not too cold.

It's spring and I am ready for more crafty projects. I feel so energized after working on some new projects. My next project coming up is an Easter basket swap! I got a really cool person to shop and create for. I'm giddy just thinking about it.