I really like: knitting

I really like knitting. I love yarn and all the fun accessories and tools you need to knit cool stuff. I am totally a novice but I can follow a pattern pretty well. Knitting is such a slow calming craft. You can make anything with just 2 needles, it's fascinating when you really think about it. You take a ball of yarn and a few coordinated loops and you've got a sweater, scarf, or socks. Endless possibilities.

 Love this cute bow from Raspberries & Moss. How cute is that?

I love this shot from Acres of diamonds. It's not your grandma's knitting. I can see myself with those cool tights knitting something cool. The colors are fab.

I love anything in some sort of box. This is such a cute knitting kit. Pic from heykimee.

Just plain adorable. Knitting is cool, check out that bag. Pic from cherry bloosom girl.
Get inspired and start knitting.

Some knit sites I really like:
Ravelry a knit and crochet community
hello yarn great yarn resource
knit picks knitting and crochet yarns and tools
the purl bee great resource for yarn, patterns, and tutorials.