gifts for friends

I love making things for my friends. I love just seeing their faces when they open a gift or if they are surprised. It always makes me feel good to make them happy. I thought I would share some pics of some things I had the pleasure of making for to 2 friends of mine.

I made mini lemon cupcakes for my friend Em's birthday. She is a fellow designer at Hallmark and lover a of cupcakes just like me. These cupcakes were special because I made little chocolate buttons to go on top of the cupcakes. Clever, right? They were really yummy too.

These little goodies were made for my new friend Lindsay from Fresher than Fresh. I am addicted to her all natural snow cones. They are soooo good. Lindsay is so sweet and funny I thought she should have a cute Sodapop hair clip in her hair when she is serving up snow cones. But, no outfit is complete without a prize pin, so I made one just for her.
Like I said, I like making cute things that my friends will love. It's what I do.