retail fix

Saturday my friend Jeanee and I went to the grand opening of Forever 21 on the plaza. I have been anxiously waiting for this place to open up. The opening has been delayed since this spring so I wanted to get in there and check out the goods. I am a retail junkie so I was ready to get my retail fix going.

I was not disappointed. The store is pretty cute. In typical Forever 21 style, there were tons of clothes and accessories as far as the eye could see. The store is 2 stories with a spiral staircase, escalator, chandeliers, ornate tables and high pumping music.

I only took a couple of pics because they had cops all over the place. I did not want to get kicked out the first day! We had fun and got our fill. I only bought 3 items but Jeanne found a bunch of cute items to add to her wardrobe. Here's a some pics from the store, enjoy!

Standing upstairs on the second level.

 Cool tags from the Twelve by Twelve collection.

 Inside the dressing room.