She's Crafty: Hoodie redo

Earlier this year I saw this really cute hoodie redo by Pam Garrison and I thought, maybe I should do that. So this last weekend, I did. I have this tan Gap hoodie that needed some love so I found some embellishments and got crafty. This hoodie was over sized and not that cute. I looked for a tutorial to figure out how to re-size the hoodie because it was a bit big. I found a video tutorial from Tristin Styling. It was super easy to follow. After that I began gathering goodies to embellish my hoodie, exciting!

 My inspiration from Pam Garrison.

My plain jane hoodie. Boring!

Now look at it, soooo cute! I love it! I think this hoodie is much more fun now. I am super happy with the end result. I am so inspired by Pam Garrison and her cute new york hoodie. I want to do some embroidery on it too. A little stitching would look great. Check out my flickr page for more pics.