I really like: Jamie Oliver

If you are a TV chef nerd like me you know that Jamie Oliver is delightful. He makes cooking look so cool and effortless. He has it all, charm, wit, and an brit accent. That's my kind of chef. My friend Sparky said "He cooks like a guy" and I agree. His recipes are really good and easy to follow. I recently looked through his online mag "Jamie" and it's beautiful. You gotta check out the e mag for yourself.

For those addicted to phones apps, try Jamie's app called "20 minute meals". The only draw back for me is the price, $7.99. Despite that, the app is really cool and it is packed with features. You can search for recipes by name or just shake your phone to do a random search, create a shopping list, and follow videos on how to make your meal. Not to mention that the overall design of the app is killer! Here are some screen shots to drool over.

photos via
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