labor of love

Happy Labor Day! As we all sit back and relax, I thought you might enjoy my new labor of love, Crocheting. About a week ago, my friend taught me some basic crochet stitches. My goal was to learn before the summer ended. I picked it up pretty easily, she was a great teacher. I knit so I thought it might be helpful to know some basic crochet stitches.

All summer long, I have seen so many adorable crochet and knitted pieces. I love it! Crocheting rocks!!! I finally conquered granny squares this weekend. I think I'm hooked.
(ha, ha) I plan to use crocheting in some of my fall and winter projects this year.

Like a proud momma, here are my first granny squares. Love, love, love.

These pics are projects I would like to tackle next. So many pretties. I will post some
projects in my "she's crafty" series soon. Enjoy your Labor day!