Pop Up Shops

Let's talk shop for a minute. If you are a retail junkie like me, then you know that Pop Up shops are everywhere. Everyone is doing it, Martha Stewart, Kate Spade, West Elm, Target, even Ebay. Pop ups are not a new concept. When I worked for IKEA back in the day, we had a Pop Up store in NYC and it was glorious. Right now, retail trend sites are all buzzing about Pop Up shops that appearing all over the world. Even small online shops are creating Pop Up shops. Exciting!!!

Pop up shops come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Shops usually have a focused product assortment that makes going to these places super exciting. These little treasures are only around for a limited time. It could be a weekend or for 3 months. I love the idea of Pop Up shops. I'm hoping to open my own Soda-Pop Up shop in the future. It would be such a lovely dream. Check out some of my fave Pop Ups that make me oh so happy!