I'm thankful for... part 2

Its the day before Thanksgiving, yay! I love the holidays. I'm going to buy the cutest tree I can find and start playing my fave Christmas music. But not until the day after Thanksgiving, never. I'm excited about talking to my family and friends even if its just over the phone. Maybe someone will Skype with me. (hint hint) Fingers crossed! Ok, here's 10 more things I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for...
   11.  laughter
   12.  hot cocoa with whip cream to warm my soul
   13.  the desire to bake
   14.  social media
   15.  daily inspiration
   16.  daily spiritual guidance
   17.  the desire to learn to new things
   18.  being alive and capable
   19.  for tears
   20.  the sun that rises and sets

Tomorrow, I will have my final 5 thanks. Please share your comments and thoughts here on this post or on my facebook fanpage. Smooches!