Alt Summit recap 2

This post is all about the fabulous keynote speakers and the conference sponsors. Now that I have had a week to try to recover from Alt Summit, I can truly appreciate all that I learned. Once again I will try to keep things simple. Alt Summit was chop full of good info. I just want to share the stuff that truly moved me.

 pics via Alt Summit Flickr photostream

Thursday Keynote: The Relationship Between Traditional & New Media
Speakers: Pilar Guzman, Deborah Needleman, and Maxwell Gillingham

This was an amazing group of people. Pilar Guzman who was that it girl from Domino mag now heads Martha Stewart Living. She was a little spitfire. She had a true grasp on both media platforms. The panel basically agreed that there is room for platforms of media. They play different roles in people lives, every media platform works differently. These speakers were funny, honest and energetic. And that's me on the right tweeting during the keynote.

Friday Keynote: How Pinterest Became the Next Game Changer
Speaker: Ben Silberman, Founder of Pinterest

This was an epic keynote. First of all, Ben is this shy cu-tie pa-tu-tee genius nerd. (I mean that with so much love). I just wanted to hug him. He had a some great slides and one liners that kept us all smiling. This is what Ben said;
"If you don't bet on yourself nobody else will"
"Make on thing perfect"
I was so honored to have met Ben later after his keynote. He has inspired us all to follow our dreams. He got a standing ovation after he spoke, Epic!

Friday Final Keynote: Designing your Life
Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

The final keynote did not disappoint, Gretchen gave us all something to think about. She didn't just talk about happiness, she gave us an action plan to get it done. This is what Gretchen said;
"Work on being happier, it's easier than finding happiness"
One minute Rule- "If you can do something in 1 minute, don't procrastinate."
"More sleep equals more happiness"
"Follow your spiritual leader. Bring those values into your design world."

 pics via Alt Summit Flickr photostream

I would like to give a shout out to all of the sponsors that made Alt Summit fun! They gave us snacks and a cool place to hang out in between sessions.
Cargoh, Cottonelle, Epiphan!e, Minted