Alt Summit Recap

Hey everyone, I'm back from Alt Summit and I have lots to share. First I would to say that Alt Summit is a powerful thing. It was the inspirational vitamin I needed to start 2012 right.  I had the best time and I learned a lot!
I took a ton of pics. I have uploaded my pics on Flickr in my Alt Summit Set. There are so many highlights to share from Alt Summit so I will try to keep it simple. I will create a couple of posts to share the love. This post is about the blog sessions I went to and what I learned.

Successful Collaborations- Bri Emory, Danielle Krysa, Joslyn Taylor, Victoria Smith
Make it easy for people to say yes, Collaborate to make your life easier, We are wired to share

Work Life Balance- Brooke Reynolds, Chrysula Winegar, Kathryn Storke Grady, Sarah Jane
Focus on one thing at a time, Stay organized, Find projects that fit you best

From Blog to Book- Amy Butler, Grace Bonney, Julia Rothman, Kate Woodrow, Lia Ronnen
Do your research (competition, agent, publisher), Visualize your book, Give yourself time for inspiration and exploration

Kickstarting Your Next Project- Anne Sage, Lisa Congdon, Liz Stanley, Rena Tom
Find something new you are passionate about,  Make a project plan,  Don't be afraid to fail

Roundtable: Licensing Your Design- Marisa Anne
Have a good partnership, Meet in person, Be clear about your expectations, Don't give away your work; protect yourself

Growing a Readership- Jordan Ferney, Kelly Beall, Nicole Balch, Maggie Mason
Create original content and layout, Curate your posts, Be apart of the blog community

Up and Coming Blogs- Alix Tyler, Meg Biram, Natalie Holbrook, Rachel Jones
This session was more about sharing links. More inspirational less instructional. They gave over 40 fun blogs to look at. I haven't even started looking yet.

I'm trying to keep things brief because there was so much wonderful info shared. I'm still absorbing it all. Each and every session was great. I loved that the panelists were real bloggers like me which made it real. Their honesty, candor and passion about blogging was refreshing.

My next post will be about the keynote speakers and the conference sponsors.