She's Crafty: Succulent terrariums

Hello friends,
This weekend I got a bit dirty to make some succulent terrariums. I love the way they look and I needed some green in my apartment. Terrariums are so easy to make. You just need some supplies from your local garden store, some fun containers and some free time. I had a so much fun making mine.

I used rocks, pebbles, moss, and succulent soil. You use whatever you like. I looked at several tutorials to make sure I had all the essential items needed.

Pick out some great plants. I love these succulents I picked out. Fern and Cactus plants will work for this type of terrarium too. You can certainly do a mixture.

So pretty, I love them. I made five terrariums total. All of the containers are from IKEA. They have a great assortment. Try different kinds of containers like terracotta, ceramic or stainless steel. Have fun and get dirty!