pop talk

Say hello to my partner in craft crime, Jeanee, owner of Dirty Laundry. She makes these amazing bath fizzies. They smell like heaven, seriously. Jeanee's is also a full-time designer for Hallmark Cards and a Zumba fitness instructor. This girl is a busy little bee. Jeanee is a trends specialist, loves Starbucks and the color gray.
Jeanee and I both met in Atlanta, while attending the Portfolio Center. We both were lucky enough to get jobs at Hallmark and have been joined at the hip since then. Jeanee is a great friend and a wonderful designer.

Let's have a little Pop Talk with Jeanee.

I'm most creative...
when I'm really excited about a project. It can be my own or working for someone else's who has a great story and passion behind what they are doing.

My creative style is...
seems bright and bubbly on the outside. But it's actually simple and concise. I like limited color palettes and not a lot of bells and whistles. I like for my designs and products to speak for themselves. 

The one thing people don't know about me is...
I can be an introvert and homebody.

________ inspires me.
Good design inspires me.

My life in 6 words
Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, & busy!

Do you say Soda or Pop?
I'm from the North and we say pop!

You can find Jeanee here: