pop talk

Say hello to my dear friend Stephanie, the girl behind blog Turtle Soup. Truly one of my favorite people on this planet. I adore her. Stephanie is an amazing Art Director for Staples during the day and a design nerd for the rest of the day. She is also part of the design trio Gender Reveal, a design studio that makes invites for gender reveal parties, FUN, FUN, FUN! I taught her everything she knows, LOL. She is loves to bake, decorate, and craft. She really has a ton of energy with a bright smile on her face. I love her spirit.

Now let's have a Pop Talk with Stephanie (bka) Turtle.

I'm most creative...
in the shower or in the car on long road trips, when I can put all necessary functions on auto-pilot and just let ideas that have been twirling around in my head flow naturally. I think that's when my subconscious mind kicks into high gear.

My creative style is...
simple. I believe a simple, elegant solution is always best and no need for extraneous clutter that's not adding to the overall message or intent of the project.

The one thing people don't know about me is...
I love spreadsheets. I love creating formulas and seeing other values change... in college it was calculating my grades and GPA, now I use them for finances. Have I mentioned I'm a bit nerdy, yet?
And... I'm allergic to dancing.

________ inspires me.
Color, food, and nature inspires me.

My life in 6 words
Passionate. Balanced. Optimistic. Colorful. Organized. Nerdy.

Do you say Soda or Pop?
I grew up in Iowa, so I've always called it "pop," but now that word seems a bit silly. I've been trying to transition to "soda" for the past year, but I'm caught in the in-between and feel rather silly saying either "soda" or "pop", I suppose one day I'll be a full convert to "soda", but for now I stick with ginger ale, please.

You can find Stephanie here: