pop talk

Meet Andrea and Bryan of Amuck. I absolutely love these guys. They are very creative, cool, adventurous and all around nice people. I first encountered their work inside a KC coffee shop and thought it was so bad ass. I remember rushing home to look them up online. After getting to know them, Andrea and Brian invited me to hang out with them their favorite place Latteland. They are really laid back artists that create beautifully whimsical recycled jewelry. Amuck has also been featured in several design books as well. Make sure you stop by their blog and shop to see their jewelry, its awesome. I'm so lucky to have my very own piece.

 Let's have a little Pop Talk with Amuck.

I'm most creative...
We are both most creative when we are hanging out at the coffee shop surrounded by creative friends from all different backgrounds such as writers,actors,musicians,architects, landscape architects. When your just throwing out ideas and discussing them from all these different perspectives its amazing what you come up. There's also always great music playing.
My creative style is...
urban, colorful,graphic, bold.

________ inspires me.
The city around us, especially graffiti

My life in 6 words
A constant flow of fun ideas.

Do you say Soda or Pop?
I say soda and Bryan says soda pop. 

You can find Amuck here: