pop talk

Say hello to my pal Fred. You may remember Fred from my blog series Fred Fridays. He's my little buddy I met at Renegade in Chicago back in 2008. Fred sorta hangs out and kinda gels with his environment. He's not crafty but he's cool. That's all that matters, right? Fred knows a good trend when he sees it and loves hanging around out with the creative types. Its May so let's have a little Pop Talk with Fred.

I'm most creative...
when I'm out on the town just taking it all in.

My creative style is...
fun, cool, sexy, simple
The one thing people don't know about me is...
I'm a former Olympic athlete and I speak 3 different languages.

________ inspires me.
Great food and creative people

My life in 6 words
adventurer, cool, calm, happy, funny, task master

Do you say Soda or Pop?

You can find Fred on Flickr.