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Its all about love. Say hello to my lovely friend Mara from A Blog About Love. Mara is like a modern day cupid spreading love throughout the blogsphere. I met this little love fashionista at Alt Summit this past January. I was amazed at how warm and welcoming Mara was to me. I knew there was something special about her.
A Blog About Love covers everything love has to offer: the good, the bad, the ugly and the good again. Mara and her hubby, Danny share their beautiful life on her blog and give great love advice to brighten your day. Did I also mention that Mara has impeccable style. You gotta love that.

photo by 20x24 studio courtesy of a blog about love

Let's have a little Pop Talk with Mara.

My creative style is...
minimalist with pops of bright color!  I love things that look happy.
The one thing people don't know about me is... 
I took dance lesson in Manhattan from a private teacher, cause I never thought I could dance.  But I don't think that anymore.  She helped me to realize I can dance just fine. :)

________ inspires me.
My husband inspires me. Sounds cliche, I know.  But he really is one of the most loving people I've met and never says a negative word about anyone, ever.  It's so wonderful and refreshing to be around.

My life in 6 words
abundant, happy, fulfilling, motivated by love

Do you say Soda or Pop?
Do you say Soda or pop?  I say both!  Soda pop :)

You can find Mara here:
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