skateboards rock

This weekend I stopped by MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta) to check out the Skate it or Hang It exhibit. It Rocked! I love skateboarding, its a well kept secret of mine. (shhh, don't tell a soul) I love the culture and the art that has come from it. I don't own any decks but I plan on collecting some in the near future.

The Skate it or Hang it show showcases the evolution of skateboard art from 1978 to present day. There were ten legendary artists featured: Steve Olson, Lance Mountain, Jim Phillips, Charlie Owens, Wes Humpston, Michael Sieben, Hense (Alex Brewer), Andy Howell, V. Courtland Johnson and Sean Cliver. Not only did they display awesome decks but they also had full scale graffiti art which made the show real. I have waited a long time to see a show like this. I never use the word "Rad" but it really was.

See more pics from this exhibit on my flickr page.