pop talk

Say hello to my friend Dee Dee from Miss Foodie Fash. Ok, lets keep it 100% real, this blog is BOSS. I am always laughing and talking to the screen as if she can hear me. This sistah is soooo funny and down to earth. I love her blog combo of food and fashion, it's brillant. A girl gotta eat and look hot at the same time, hey hey! We met at a "Atlanta Style Blogger" event this past summer. We've been social media buddys ever since. Miss Foodie Fash is all over the ATL talking about everything from the latest food truck trends to natural hair products and meet ups. This social media diva is the "real deal" y'all. I'm a true fan.

Let's have a little Pop Talk with Miss Foodie Fash.

I'm most creative...
At night. I'm a night owl, and since I've been young I've preferred working and brainstorming at night. I'm also most creative when I'm alone, I guess that's my only child syndrome. Last, in the shower. I know totally weird, and no I'm not creating in the shower of course, but something about being alone in water gets my creative juices flowin
My creative style is...
"Try it and see if it sticks." I'm quite anal, but when it comes to being creative I just take chances and see how things come out. That's how I cook. No set recipe, throwing things in here and there, and feeling my way through it.
The one thing people don't know about me is... 
Humh, for someone so social, people would be surprised that I'm an introvert. I can spend hours by myself, again only child syndrome, and I treasure my alone time and freedom.
 ________ inspires me.
No one particular person inspires me, but seeing people being successful and living life to the fullest inspires me to aim higher and live on my own terms.

My life in 6 words
Crazy, jumbled, silly, fluctuating, authentic, promising.

Do you say Soda or Pop?
Soda, of course

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