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Hello, Hello, Hello.
Have you met my friend Gabriel from the inspiring blog The Artful Desperado? Gabriel has the gift of gab and loves to share his passion for art and the beautiful artists behind the art. When I'm checking out his posts, I feel like I am attending some cool art show. It's nice to read about new artists and learn a bit more about what inspires them. The Art Desperado gives you that inside scoop on the hottest artists around, the best community projects and everything else cool u didn't know about. I get so excited to see what Gabriel has to say, you know he is going to keep things real. I love it!!!

Are you wondering how do I know anything about this blog? Well, I briefly met Gabriel at Alt Summit in January earlier this year. We have exchange Tweets, likes on Instagram and pins on Pinterest. I think you can say we are social media pals!


Now its time to have a little Pop Talk with Gabriel.
I'm most creative...
When I take a shower. Seriously, the ideas that come to mind when you are shampooing are incredible!
My creative style is...
spontaneous and relies heavily on visual inspiration
The one thing people don't know about me is... 
I was one of the finalist of my city for the TV show Big Brother Mexico - thank God they booted me from the next round! 
 ________ inspires me.
the life of troubled artists that create stunningly beautiful work
My life in 6 words
art, food, love, creativity, color and nature

Do you say Soda or Pop?
I love me some cold pop!

You can also find Artful Desperado here: