i really like: sugru

I love when science, technology and craft come together. Sugru is a great example of that sci-tech-craft cocktail. What is Sugru, you are asking? Your new favorite tool of 2013. It is sorta play dough meets duct tape. The purpose of this product is to repair broken things but in a super fun way. Its a pliable, self sticking silicone that becomes permanent when it air drys. Sugru is available in five basic colors, but do't worry, you can create custom colors...wooohoo!

I really like this stuff, you can use it on anything. Did I mention that's it affordable too. You can get a mini pack of 8 for $18. You must visit their site, it's full of great video how-tos. Sugru also has a  craft & making and design section full of fun ideas as well. I am anxiously waiting for my mini packs to come in the mail.