DIY: houses

This DIY project was inspired by the oh so awesome IKEA 2014 catalog. There is so much amazing home decor styling in this year's catalog that I had to create my own craft project. Lately I have seen house shapes trending on home decor blogs and websites. Check out the cool house silhouettes on page 97 from the new IKEA catalog.

My own version of these house silhouettes were made using craft paint and scrap fabric.

Here's what you need to make these lovely shapes for your home. Let's get started.

Supply list:
scrap fabric
fabric glue
cut wood shapes
sponge brushes
acrylic paint

Cut your fabric about 1 inch larger than the house shape.

Use fabric glue to cover your house. Make nice clean folds to keep the fabric smooth. Let the glue dry before your flip it over.

Turn your house over and smooth out the fabric to make sure it's straight. Ta-dah done.

Now let's paint. Squeeze some acrylic paint onto your house surface.

Use your sponge brush to paint your house shape. Make sure you get the side as well. Let the paint dry completely before handling.

Once it's dry, you are done. Yay!

Find a great spot in your home for these sweet beauties. They can lean on the wall of a book shelf or mount them to a wall. Of course I went nuts and made more painted houses from some scrap wood I had. These make great book ends or use them as mini house sculptures. Check it out!