IKEA luv

Anyone who is creative, loves a good bargain, goes gaga for interior design, knows what time of year this is. Oh yes people its time for the new IKEA 2014 catalog! Ok now, get your favorite drink and a comfy seat because this thing does not disappoint. I am quite giddy right now. I actually went to IKEA twice this week just to see what's new. And of course to have some ice cream, tee-hee.

Let's be real clear, this catalog is the bees knees baby! I'm loving the colors used on sofas, bookcases and chairs. The new styles of furniture are modern and upscale. Hands down the must have pieces are from the Stockholm Collection. That collection is so yummy.

I am loving the combination of home decor styling, new product colors, and furniture staging throughout the catalog. Very inspiring. Color was another thing that caught my eye. Pops of mint green, emerald green, citron, orange, black and white are all over this catalog. I am so geeked!!! I have a ton of ideas going through my head. That means there will be some creative projects to follow, Yep.

Pics via the catalog taken by my iPhone.