Hip Hip, HOORAY,  I am so excited about 2014! There are some wonderful projects planned for the new year. I love having the chance to try new things with a new start. My brain is on fire from all the new things I want to do next year. And yes there will be some oldie but goodie things making a come back. Let me give you a taste of what will be in the works for 2014.

Alt Summit is coming and I am a guest speaker for 2014, Wha what! (...she dances around the table) This is such a great opportunity for me and I am totally excited. My heart is jumping with joy. Dreams really do come true.

Look for a new collaboration with me and Jeanne of Dirty Laundry. We are besties that love all things design. We are up to no good but I promise that you are going to love this collab.

Crafts and Cocktails workshops are coming back. More sips and kick butt crafts. I will post new dates for each workshop.

Another blog favorite is coming back, Pop Talk. A new format, new peeps, same fun questions.

I am working on big design project based on color. This project is super fun. I cant wait to unveil this one! Of course there will be more projects with design, styling, crafting, and teaching that I will share throughout the year. I just want to thank all of you for following me and supporting my dreams. Happy Holidays.