A gift that inspires

While at Alt Summit this year, I had the pleasure to share a room with the oh so crafty Amber Kemp-Gerstel of Damask Love. We were both excited to finally meet upon arrival our first night. We are both full of energy. You may not know this but creative people love to exchange gifts. I received a Val craft making kit from Amber, I was so gitty. I gave my roommates a handmade prize pin. Our other rommie,  Paige Hewlett gave us a cute toiletry bag full of goodies and snacks for the week. It was a great gift exchange, I must say.

As Val quickly approaches, I wanted to use Amber's craft kit to make fun Valentine's Day gifts for my friends. Gift giving is my thing and I love it! This DIY is super easy, take a look.

A sweet and charming gift. Hugs!