Pop Talk: Cortney

Say hello to Cortney,
Cortney is an amazing crafter who has mad skills in knitting, crocheting, sewing, paper crafts, and decorating. I met this talented lady in Kansas City at my favorite craft store called Urban Arts and Crafts. She worked there as an associate. Cortney always had a smile on her face and was a great resource for all things crafty. Anytime I had a new project, Cortney gave me good advice and fun options to consider.

Did I mention she is a Yarn Whisperer? She can knit and crochet anything. Cortney has a way of making beautiful things with yarn. It totally blows my mind. Take a peek at her blog and photos on Flickr, they say it all.


Now it's time to have a little Pop Talk with Cortney

I'm most creative...
When I am really busy and don't have time to create, figures.

My creative style is...
Eclectic, Vintage, Bohemian

The one thing people don't know about me is...
Nada. I am an open book and often share TMI :-)

 _______inspires me.

My life in 6 words
Creative, Artistic, Hectic, Busy, Functional, Colorful

My dream project is...
Restoring and decorating an old house with tons of character.

What's your theme song when you walk into a room?
Today by Smashing Pumpkins

Do you say Soda or Pop?
I say both. I grew up around soda, I now live in a pop city so I tend to "Soda Pop"

You can find Cortney here: