Pop Talk: Grace Bonney

Say hello to Grace Bonney, founder of Design Sponge. Grace is a home decor goddess that makes all things design cool. I have been a fan of this lady for a while. She has a great eye for design, a passion for color, technique, and lovely layouts. Grace and her team cover some of my favorite design subjects like: city guides, women in design, entertaining and DIY. 

 I met Grace while she was on her book tour in Atlanta. Her book signing was held at West Elm where I work. It was a great event and Grace was sweet, cool and totally laid back.  a couple of months later, I was pleased to Grace at Alt Summit 2012. Grace actually saved my life that week. I was suffering from altitude sickness and she gave some advice on how to cure it. I am so thankful for those tips because I was down for the count. At Alt Summit, Grace was on a panel called "From Blog to Book" with women in design I admire. It was an exceptional panel discussion and I left there inspired and energized. Design Sponge is one of the most exciting daily design resources today. Bravo Miss Grace.


Now it's time to have a little Pop Talk with Grace

I'm most creative...
when I'm well-rested and well-fed. I turn into mush when I'm tired and hungry.

My creative style is...
fast & furious. My ideas come in fast waves and I have to type quickly to get everything down.

The one thing people don't know about me is...
I've become a bit of a minimalist. I love to look at, and write about, color and pattern all day, but when I come home I want to be surrounded by black, white, neutrals and not much else.

_________inspires me.

My life in 6 words 
A happy healthy work in progress.

My dream project is...
Working with a large-scale charitable organization to use design for good.

What's your theme song when you walk into room?
Holy Grail, Jay-Z or Run the World (Girls), Beyonce. Basically anything from the Knowles-Carter family.

Do you say Soda or Pop? 
I'm from Virginia, we say Coke for everything.
You can find Grace here: