Pop Talk: Lesley Graham

photos via Lesley Graham

Say hello to my friend Lesley, she's a true Georgia Peach. She wears many hats as wife, mom, blogger and stylist! I would describe Lesley as a modern Superwoman. She has that sweet southern charm that is so contagious.  I had the privilege of meeting Lesley through Annette Joseph for a project with West Elm. We meet up again earlier this year at Alt Summit in Salt Lake. I was so happy to see her there. She is such a great creative soul.

Lesley has a lovely design blog full of DIY projects for your home. She posts lots of yummy drinks, food and snacks for the whole family to enjoy. Her home decor DIY posts are beautiful. The projects are cool and the photos are styled so well. Lesley's blog is inspiring, so read it and don't forget to take notes for your next project. 

photos via Lesley Graham


Now it's time to have a little Pop Talk with Lesley

I'm most creative...
in the morning. I am NOT a nighttime person. My two little ones have me ready to kick up my heels after dark, so I have the most ideas when I'm fresh and sparkly. I also tend to have great ideas when I'm driving.

My creative style is...
part modern part bohemian.

The one thing people don't know about me is...
I'm an introvert. I love to talk to people and I'm super outgoing but being around a lot of people tends to take its toll on me. I need to retreat after a lot of socializing. Also, I would be a break dancer if I could have any talent.

_________inspires me.
Entrepreneurs. Especially female ones!
My life in 6 words 
God, Family, Design, Photos, Creativity, Coffee

My dream project is...
it might be because spring is around the corner but I would love to team up with a garden designer for a start to finish large scale garden.

What's your theme song when you walk into room?
Um, I love the idea of music playing when I walk in the room. It would have to be sung by Stevie Nicks, so I'm gonna go with Stand Back.

Do you say Soda or Pop? 
Neither! Everything is Coke.

You can find Lesley here: