Pop Talk: Summer Bellessa

Say hello to my friend Summer of Girls with Glasses and the editor of Eliza Magazine. Summer is the sun to my shine. She has a beautiful personality full of cheer and you gotta love that. I enjoy talking with her because she inspires me to be my creative best.

photos by Jacie Marie Smith

Summer is one half of the creative duo Girls with Glasses. Have you seen their blog and watched their videos? They cover all things cool like music, style, diy, beauty and motherhood. They are sweet, charming, energetic and fun. In this world of new media, it's so nice to have such creative gal pals like Summer and Brooke. They will have you trying new beauty tips, crafting and singing a song. Ain't nothing wrong with that!

photos by Jacie Marie Smith

photos by Jacie Marie Smith


Now it's time to have a little Pop Talk with Summer

I'm most creative...
when I have a problem that I need to solve. I seem to do my best work when people don't think something can be done.
My creative style is...
I have two ways I work. The first is very planned, researched, organized. I almost meditate for inspiration. This happened a lot more before I had kids. The second is frantic, instinctual, and off the cuff. Sometimes that work is even better then the first type, but usually it's not. As my life has gotten busier, I have learned to make due with what I have. I would rather create beautiful messes than create nothing at all.

The one thing people don't know about me is...
I eat a lot of cookie dough, a lot. I live on the edge, salmonella who?!

_________inspires me.
Art, photography, music, nature, pretty things, people, places, dreams, my kids, fashion, design, life

My life in 6 words 
Creating, Playing, Loving, Trying, Trying again.

My dream project is...
I have lots of dreams, with different possible projects attached to them. For Girls With Glasses, it would probably to create a funny quirky tv show, that would inspire and entertain women and show the joys of motherhood, creating, friendship, and growing.

What's your theme song when you walk into room?
Funny you should ask! Brooke and I actually wrote our own theme song! It includes all the women we love and aspire to be like.

Do you say Soda or Pop?
Both, interchangeable. I'm from Chicago, where pop is what we drink, but I have lived in "soda" states too, sometimes I just say soda pop to really get crazy.

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