Design Is Human: MA

Modern Atlanta also known as MA is happening and we are in for treat this year. Earlier this week I had the chance to preview the MA Design Expo & DESIGN IS MATERIAL Expo at ADAC.  This year's theme is "Design is Human". I love the focus on, people, design, materials and production. This year's lineup will consist of new product launches, talks, films, exhibitions, installations and the oh so popular MA home tour. Look for the MA mini and the cool MA volunteers. Design Is Human Week is June 1-8 2014.


ADAC is hosting the MA Design Expo & DESIGN IS MATERIAL Expo. I got to see and chat with vendors about their super cool products. New trends in color, materials and products were all on display. The Expo is today at 6:30 at ADAC.

Wake Up Dear


Jay Gray

Lamon Luther

Expo Exhibitors