DIY: Get Personal

Spring is great time to think about gifts and gift giving. I am always looking for unique and fun ways to give gifts to my family and friends. This time of year you need to think about all the special occasions you may need to give gifts: Weddings, Baby showers, Housewarmings, Birthday parties, etc. The gift is one thing but the wrapping is always the shining star.

One way I like to keep my gifts memorable is to personalize it. When you can make the gift look like the recipient, the gift seems even more special. This giftwrap DIY is a playful way to Get Personal.

Kidecals chalkboard labels
assorted paper
gift bags and boxes
embroidery thread
circle cutters
chalk pens and colored pencils
doilies and gems

1. Use circle cutters to cut circles in 2 sizes.
2. Fold paper accordian style to create pleates. You need 2 pieces to create a circle.
3. Add names to your Kidecal labels.

Get Fancy! Make a short circle garland and add a doilie.
To take it to the next level of awesome, hot glue gems to your labels. 


His & Hers Giftbags

1. Cut circles to make fun oversize dots for Him and a paper flower for Her.
Don't forget to add a gem to your flower for extra sparkle.
2. Hot glue your paper accents to your bags.
3. Add Embroidery thread, then add names to your Kidecal labels.
Tah Dah...ALL DONE