Yes Target

This is awesome. I will have more to say about the awesomeness of this catalog.
I need to pick myself off the floor first...

Okay, now that I've pulled myself together. I can now share with you the amazing online Target Home Catalog. The Refresh & Reorganize issue is really good. The photography is so inspiring and the interactive tabs are pretty sweet too. Color is the one thing that gets my creative juices flowing. This intro page is so cool! The rainbow of products actually looks fresh. I'm loving the mixture of products. I want everything!!! I mean it.

There are plenty of little happy features throughout the catalog. My favorite features are the before and after photos. Target designed a cute slider that lets you slide between the before and after shots. So clever.

holiday gadget wishlist

Here's my 2012 Holiday gadget wishlist. I'm loving this list. It's a little bit girlie and a little bit geeky. Dear Santa, can you hook a sistah up? Just sayin'. I hope you all get what you want for Christmas. Have a great holiday everyone, and be blessed.

1. Fur phone plug
2. Creative wireless speaker
3. Empty memory flash drive
4. Fisheye Iphone lens
5. Satechi Surge plug


holiday wishlist

Ho ho ho, its time for presents! I've seen plenty of things in stores and online I would love to see under my tree this year. I was so blown away with all of the cool items out there that I had to make 2 wishlists. I know that may sound greedy but its just a wish, right? I have a gadget wishlist too which you will see next week. This week's list is pretty basic stuff. This is totally my look hands down. Green is my fave color but any color would be sweet as well. Can someone please tell Santa I was good this year!

1. Anthropologie - hildy weekender bag
2. LuLu's - black oxford boots
3. Gap - green skinny cords
4. Forever 21 - luxe stone necklace
5. Modcloth - city sleek dress
6. Free People - skateboard