Vote FashionABLE

Hey, hey, hey I have great news! I am a finalist for the fashionABLE + ALT scarf design contest. I am overwhelmed with joy. Now I need your votes. There were over 100 amazing designs submitted to the contest last month. These are the top 3! Help me get to the top!! I am currently in third place so let's turn that around. Spread the word! Vote for my scarf!

*voting will close at midnight CST on Wednesday 8/20.
*ultimate winning scarf will be decided based on votes + market research.

Late Summer Travel

Late summer is a great time to make travel plans. There are some great places to explore but visiting an old favorite is always a good idea. Where you stay can be just as fun. I recently did some research on some fun places to stay while traveling and I loved seeing the variety available. One unique site really caught my eye, AirBNB.

AirBNB has tons of "off the wall" accommodations options to choose from. This service is  "host based" which means there is someone who is renting their space, house, etc then you book it. Simple as that. Its not a hotel so there are no doormen or concierge service. Just a great place to stay and an awesome host. The choices are endless. I have stayed in a traditional BNB before but I think this is lots of fun with a cool twist. You can rent anything from a Yurt to a Villa. The choices are endless. I have stayed in a traditional Bed and Breakfast before but I think this is lots of fun with a cool twist.

One of the things I really like about AirBNB is their branding. They recently re-designed their logo and created a new brand experience. The brand experience starts with their logo Belo. The cool thing about their logo is that you can create your own Belo which you can share with the AirBNB community.

Seriously, the whole AirBNB experience is so cool and fun. Once again, you can combine great design, smart tech and a great experience. I love it! I am creating my travel wish list right now.

Pop of Color

I'm taking a different spin on color today. I want to look at color through the wonderful eyes of movie director, Wes Anderson.  Wes Anderson's films tell great stories that are hilarious and beautiful to see. His attention to detail is impressive. His films are known for their symmetrical compositions and limited saturated color palettes. His director style is describe as idiosyncratic. (Side bar: I had to look up the word "idiosyncratic". I usually don't like using words I can't pronounce.) Idiosyncratic is a fancy way of saying that he thinks outside the box. That's my kind of creative genius, smart and quirky.

Each of Wes Anderson's films have it's own color story. I think that's so cool. The colors he uses are more like muted neutral,pinks, yellows, greens, blues but highly saturated. I found a Tumblr blog  that features colors from his movies called Wes Anderson Palettes. There are several Pinterest boards dedicated to his color stories as well. There are tons of articles about Wes Anderson's style which I found really interesting. Its funny to me to find that he has a lot of admirers out there that are from the creative realm like myself. I guess that's the appeal of Wes Anderson, his creative uniqueness. I took  few of my favorite movies and made my own color palettes.

In March, Wes Anderson released his latest movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. I can't wait to see this one! The colors and scenes look amazing!

save the date

Hello Sodapops! A new craft workshop is in the works very soon. I have heard you loud and clear.
You want craft classes taught by me and I'm happy to say my first summer class will be July 18th. Please save the date, it's gonna be a good one.