Cocktail to Cupcake

This post is a yummy one. What a great way for me to take two things I love Cocktails and Cupcakes to create something delicious. Wayfair has challenged a few bloggers to create a cupcake inspired by our favorite cocktails. Woohooo, adult snacking for the win!

My cupcake is inspired by one of my favorite drinks the White Russian. Here's the basic recipe for a White Russian: Vodka + Coffee liqueur + Cream served or ice. I love this cocktail! This is a grown up drink for sure. It looks cool and goes down smooth.  It's the perfect cocktail to translate into a cupcake.

My White Russian cupcake is also simple to make. I used a basic vanilla cake and vanilla frosting recipe:

2 c. cake flour
1 T. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 stick of unsalted butter
3 eggs
1 c. sugar
1 c. whole milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract

3 cups confectioners' sugar
1 cup butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 tablespoons whipping cream
3 - 4 tablespoons Coffee Liqueur. (Add alcohol to taste.) I used Kaluha coffee liqueur.
3 - 4 tablespoons Vodka. (Add alcohol to taste.) I used Pinnacle Vodka.

I love to bake and I have some basic recipes I like to use. The recipes I used for this post came from my collection of recipes. I recommend using a recipe that is simple to follow. There are good ones in recipe books and of course online.

Boxed and Pre-made
I realize everyone can't bake or don't have the time to channel their inner Martha [Stewart]. No worries, boxed cake is also good. I add pudding to boxed cakes to make it even better. You can also buy cupcakes pre-made without icing. Go to your favorite bakery and buy a dozen of freshly baked cupcakes, then ice them yourself! If you use pre-made frosting, place it into your mixer, add the alcohol to your frosting, then whip it with your mixer. Done and good to go!

I had lots of fun making and sharing these cupcakes. My friends have are really happy that I'm adding liquor to my cupcakes. I made two batches with all smiles from the peeps! 

Introducing Frehiwot

Today is a wonderful day. My super awesome scarf I designed named Frehiwot is now for sale at


! It's handwoven in Ethiopia. with 100% Ethiopian cotton.  It's available in 3 color ways Lemon Yellow, Watermelon and Seafoam. This scarf was the runner-up in the fashionABLE + Alt design contest last year. I feel like I won first place so I'm claiming it, haha! The

Frehiwot scarf

retails for $48. I am a huge fan of social businesses that empower others.


is doing just that. Take a look their mission statement to understand why this is such a great way to celebrate people and design.

photos via FashionABLE

FashionABLE Mission Statement

The fashionABLE mission is to create sustainable business for Africans so they aren't dependent upon charity, but instead earn the dignity of a job. We offer opportunity to everyone, with a primary focus on empowering women. When we invest in a woman, statistics demonstrate that she will have a life-changing impact on her family and community... and herself.

Through your purchase, you are ABLE to provide opportunity, and

a woman is ABLE to have a new choice.

Exciting News

I'm so excited to share this fun news with you all. Crafts + Cocktails is back, woohoo! But that's not the really big news. Are you ready? I have partnered with Starbucks to host my Crafts + Cocktails series starting this Summer! YAY! If you live in the ATL, then come on out to have a drink and get your craft on. Oh Yeah.

Many of you have emailed me and posted on Instagram that you want to sign up for creative workshops. I heard ya and new workshops have been designed. Join me at Starbucks on Ponce De Leon Ave for Crafts + Cocktails,  It's time to get crafty!

WEDNESDAY - JULY 23 - 6-8:30 PM

 WEDNESDAY - JULY 30 - 6-8:30 PM

  • 2 1/2 hours of class time
  • 8-10 people max
  • My awesome personal attention and guidance
  • Printed instructions
  • Supplies included (unless noted)
  • Cocktails + Selfies of course!

You + Patience + Sense of Humor
I accept payments through Paypal, Only. Go to my sidebar to pay.
For any additional questions just email me: dabenne@gmail.com

Cancellation Policy:
Sorry, no refunds due to costs incurred for supplies and materials.

modern crafted

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen the latest bridal installation I did for West Elm's Bridal and Gift Registry Launch. My store manager wanted me to come up with a window display that was beautiful and over the top. I knew this installation needed to be handcrafted and tell a beautiful story. I had a vision in my head that involved the perfect pieces of furniture and accessories. After some thought and research I knew that some of our local vendors would have the right things I needed to make this window a showstopper.

Oversized flowers were a must. I researched many, many paper flowers and techniques. I hand-cut templates out of white craft paper I customized and assembled over 85 flowers for the window's backdrop. Thank goodness I had my little helper bee, Katelyn, to help me cut flowers for two days straight, to stay on schedule. Capiz Globe pendants were added for a touch of softness yet modern glow. I asked my friends from Blue Eyed Yonder if they could provide a high back Settee. The tufted settee added the drama I was looking for which sat on top of a metallic laced Jute rug. Of course we needed a wedding dress but not any dress would do. We asked The Sentimentalist for a vintage modern dress to give the window a feminine flair. But the icing on the cake was when we asked Anne Elser to write some script on our window. The handwritten script brought everything together with flair, beauty, modern and a touch of vintage. That window is stunning!ai sm so proud of the way this installation turn out.