Pantone 2016 Color of the Year

It's that time of year again! The awaited color of the year is announced by Pantone. To our surprise, its 2 colors for 2016! Say hello to Rose Quartz + Serenity! I am always stunned by the Pantone color choices for the new year. It takes me a minute to warm up to them. I'm sure these 2 colors will wow me very soon.

Pantone says "Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times."

Shoes, Dining, Thread + Alley

Look for more inspiration using these colors and their color parings in my Pop of Color series. The color swatch parings for the 2016 Color of the Year are fun and have lots of possibilities! What are your thoughts on the Pantone color of the Year? 

Design, Speak + Dance

It's official, I will be speaking at Alt Summit Winter 2016. I'm honored and thrilled to be one of the many awesome speakers selected. My dreams continue to come true. Let the confetti flow and let's get creative!


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Retail Love: Henry & June


Thursday night I attended the Henry & June 2015 fall collection party presented by the Spin Style Agency. It was a great event filled with beautiful clothes, stunning accessories and great styling. Lets not forget those yummy lemonade cocktails designed by my friends at Project Sip. I had two and they were very tasty!

Henry & June is a simplistic, modern store with great use of non conventional materials for fixtures. I was totally digging it! My highlights were the use of plumbing pipes throughout the space. All of my favorite materials were present: concrete, metal, white tiles and unstained wood. My Retail Love is real for Henry & June. The product, store elements and styling are perfect!

Henry & June located in the Highlands. Stop by, shop and grab a cup of coffee from their coffee bar. They have a cool and friendly staff on duty to ensure a pleasant visit. 

 Henry & June Atlanta  |  784 N. Highland Ave NE ATL, GA 30306  

Pop Talk: Aurielle Jones

Aurielle Jones is a interior designer living in Atlanta. This designer is one of my favorite creatives because her personality and style can be seen throughout her work. Aurielle's interior spaces are quirky, fun, bold, bright, sassy and glam! I must say, her personality is the same as mine and that's why I can call her my friend. 

She is making a name for yourself in the Atlanta market as the go-to interior designer for commercial and residential services. You can find Aurielle out and about town seeking inspiration and following up on design trends. 

Now that you've had a peek of Vivid Interiors, let's have a little pop talk with Aurielle!

1. I'm most creative...

In bed. Seriously, I'm most creative when I'm sitting in my bed with my computer in front of my face and all my tabs are opened to Pinterest.

2. My creative style is...

It is heavily influenced by fashion and blending fantasy with reality. But to break it down, its modern glam with a hint of dark and edgy. 

3. The one thing people don't know about me is...

I love pole dancing and my pole name is Phoenix.

4. ( Fairytales ) inspires me

5. My life in 6 words

imaginative, determined, unorthodox, random, unique, fun

6. My dream project is...

just to design a space that completely embodies my design style and that also has an unlimited budget.

7. What's your theme song when you walk into a room?

I don't necessarily have a theme song, but every time I walk in a room, I always think of that scene from Queen of the Damned where Aaliyah does her slow sexy vampire walk into that bar. In my head, that’s how I imagine myself when walking into a room. Now how I actually look is another question, LOL.

8. Do you say Soda or Pop?



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