sis boom

she's crafty: fabric hangers

I  love anything fun with fabric. We all have those wire hangers we get from the cleaners that we all forget to return. So instead of just pushing to the back of your closet, make them pretty with fabric. I gathered up some of my wire hangers and decided to wrapped them with fabric from Sis Boom. It's summertime so I'm into bright and fun fabrics. Sis Boom fabrics are perfect for this project.

It's pretty simple actually. All you need is fabric, hangers (any kind will do), scissors and hot glue. Cut your fabric into 1 inch strips. Glue fabric to the hanger and start wrapping it around your hanger. Make sure you keep the same tension when wrapping. When you get to the end of the hanger, add a dab of glue (watch your fingers) and you are done. That's it! For real, it's that simple.

But wait,  just for fun...