Summer Intern

Say hello to my summer intern Mejah! I am so excited to have her here working with me. Mejah is a Interior Design student from Auburn University. She has a great sense of style and sweet personality. Mejah is awesome! Her positive energy makes everything a breeze. Finding the right intern can be a bit tricky. I was blessed when it came to my summer intern.

We work well together and we are both learning so much. I have some fun things in the works this summer. My summer intern will play a role in the success of those projects. Yay Mejah!

DIY: Strawberry Lemonade

Let's make some lemonade! I have teamed up with gal pals of 1821 Bitters to create a yummy Strawberry lemonade cocktail for the summer. It's so good! My friends from 1821 Bitters are also a sponsor for my crafts workshop series, Crafts+Cocktails! I'm so excited to have them on board.

Today we are making a strawberry lemonade cocktail I mixed together. You can omit the alcohol and use sparkling water instead. It's that darn good either way. Oh yes! Enjoy this summer cocktail and please drink responsibly.

12 oz  Frozen Lemonade Concentrate
1/2 cup  New Amsterdam Citron Vodka
6  Frozen Strawberries
Sliced Lemons 

In your favorite pitcher, add lemonade concentrate and water
Puree frozen strawberries then add to pitcher
Pour in the Strawberry syrup and Vodka
Stir the lemonade well.

To Serve
Add crushed ice to glasses.
Drop in a sliced of lemon to each glass.
Pour lemonade into glass. Let the yumminess begin!
Disclaimer: I am not a trained bartender or professional mixologist. You've been warned.

fun times

Last weekend I took a spin on the new SkyView Ferris wheel at Centennial Park. It was a beautiful summer day for an adventure. You don't even realize how huge that thing is until you start to walk towards it. I was totally impressed. SkyView is approx 20 stories high with 42 gondolas. The wheel goes around about 3 rotations with a nice slow pace. It's a simple ride with great views of Atlanta. I'm looking forward to riding Skyview at night. That will be really cool! Make sure you get out this weekend and do something fun.